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Bone comes from latin and means well done. But at Bone Consult we are not only good at delivering our products – we want more than that. Our goal is to engange in real long term IT-partnerships with our customers. With Bone Consult you will get a engaged, trustworthy and experienced business partner, whom will always have focus on the needs of your company – which includes infrastructure, cloud solutions, ERP-architecture or business development, where the goal can be implementation, optimization development or outsourcing. The result will always be a solution which is customized for your needs and procedures.

We will always be honest, direct and well informed in our decision along with solving your problems to perfection. We are proud of possesing the right set of skills within IT and business development, and can therefore garantee that you will never pay for a job which you are not satisfied with. And that is what we call a a value-adding collaboration.

Ole Michael Nielsen

Founder and CTO
+45 60 24 89 99
“I take pride in understanding the customer’s needs, processes, and business in order to offer exactly the IT solution that is optimal for the enterprise”

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Jens-Peter Kristensen

Partner and CFO
+45 20 11 83 50
“With more than 20 years of experience as both head for IT and as a CFO in different industries. This combined with a very structured approach, makes me the reliable project manager and architect on ERP projects”

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Lars Hald

IT Architect / System Engineer
+ 45 60 18 55 95
“I focus on offering an IT solution, which is stabil and flexible – and most importantly, it has a simple design, which is easy for all users to apply”

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Michael Trabjerg

IT Architect / System Engineer
+45 30 73 42 43
“The right solution must be the first solution. It is important to me that customers get a good experience every day. Flexibility and simplicity are a key factor in implementing new solutions. ”

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